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GL703GM second HD connector type (sata, M.2. PCIe)

Level 7

I thing I should replace that 1TB HDD (not the system SSD) for a faster SSD.
What is that connector for that second HD?

I compared sata type and M.2 type SSD and they seem to be about the same speeds but PCIe would be a way ahead of those speeds.

Can I replace my HDD with PCIe type SSD?

If I cant then what is difference between sata/M.2 type SDDs? Speeds seems to be the same...

Level 11
If you're replacing the HDD with an SSD you should look for a standard SATA SSD.

M.2 is the form factor. There are SATA and NVMe m.2 SSDs. NVMe is a lot faster than SATA.

Some laptops have more than one m.2 slot. If that's your case, you can install another SSD in there. Open the back cover and see what you got under the hood.

Main HD is NVMe m.2 type SSD (256GB) and that second HD is standard SATA SSD. Maybe I should replace that main HD with 1TB SSD.

Level 11
For general storage and games, a SATA SSD should be more than enough, but that's up to you.

Level 7
Second is HDD not SSD. Maybe Ill replace that HDD to SSD...

ossira wrote:
Second is HDD not SSD. Maybe Ill replace that HDD to SSD...

Made new decision... Ill replace that main HD (NVMe PCIe type M) drive with samsung EVO970 1Tt. This way I get about 700+ gb more space and speed is allways welcome.

Price between new 1Tt SSD and 1Tt M.2 PCIe is something like 40€... ok I had to buy external case for M type M.2 PCIe (was hard to find) and that will cost like 40€ more but I had to someway clone my current OS to the new one.

Ill think that after cloning etc... Ill use that old one as external HD (yes I know that speed with usb is slower).