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GL703GM - How to install Windows 10 to the upgraded M2 512 GB Samsung 970 PRO ?

Level 10
Today, I see my notebook booting from HGST, but the operating system Win10 PRO x64 is installed in my M2 SAMSUNG 970 PRO (512 GB).
I think the Windows is loading too hard, after the first circle rotation to the desktop icons, about 9-10 seconds.

I want to remove the HGST 1000 GB hard drive to leave alone the M2 Samsung 970 PRO (512 GB), then I want to install the Win10 x64 PRO.
The M2 970 PRO has 2 partitions: 124GB+350GB.
The USB stick is formated with RUFUS 3.4, GPT partitiion, UEFI (non-CSM), FAT32 system files.

I try this:
1. Removed HGST 1000GB hard drive.
2. Booting from the USB Stick, the M2 is partitioned like the above sizes.
3. Formated the first partition 124GB
4. I want to install Windows 10 to the 124GB partition... but I can't 😞

WHY ? What's wrong ? 😞

The BIOS version is 308, without the HGST 1000GB hard drive, the BIOS can see the boot of my USB Stick only. The M2 970 PRO appear in the BIOS, but I can't make it to boot.
BIOS Secure Boot is disabled 😞

What can I do?

Solved. Removed the 1000 GB hard drive from the laptop. Then booting from the USB stick using Windows x64 GPT setup.
The UEFI partition from the NVME must be deleted. The selected partition remain intact. Formated the first partition 124 GB again, then the Windows setup continue.

If the UEFI partition from the NVME is not removed, the setup unknow to continue and unknown the partition 🙂 WTF...