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GL703GE - CPU Fan overboost all time, strange Fan behaviour

Level 7

4-6 months ago, my fans started acting strange. The fan tries to spin fast, but breaks off and spins slow. Endless loop. It's like switching from overboost to silent mode every millisecond.

I lived with that issue, ignoring it, and now there is a new issue, which is bothering me even much more.
Even though the temperature of the GPU, CPU, Memory and even Motherboard is in good range of 40°C - 50°C, the LEFT FAN ONLY starts to spin at max RPM all the time. In other words, the left fan is in overboost-mode all the time.

Not really sure why it gets stuck on overboost and why ONLY the LEFT fan is affected, even though the temperatures are not high.
When I start the notebook in the morning, it takes about 30 minutes, after that I need to live with a Jet engine all the day. I can't even hear anything, I was asked if I 'm vacuuming all the time. NO ITS THE LEFT FAN. I think it's even over 10k RPM.

Here is some screenshot I made when the left fan started to get crazy:


I already tried:
- Reinstalling Windows 10 (it even seemed to help, but after 1 day all was like before.)
- Downloaded and installed all software/updates from the official Asus Site for GL703GE

I really don't want to send it to asus because 1 year ago they replaced the whole fans / thermal thing already.
Maybe it's just some easy thing, and no need to send it over to repair?

Level 7
Can anyone help pls? :rolleyes:

#push, still my neighbours think I'm vacuuming every day.