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GL702ZC Undervolting and BIOS update.

Level 7
Hello! As in the title of the post, I would like to possibly undervolt the CPU of my GL702ZC in order to make it less power hungry and give the cooling a bit more headroom. Is it even possible? If it is, are the gains noticeable (Less overheating, better battery life, possibly better boost perfomance)?
The second question is the upcoming Zen 2 launch and a possible BIOS update. Yes, I've have read the pinned thread. Yes, I'm aware it's not really profitable.
But, the issue with me is that with the work I do, more cores or even more efficient ones would really help me out. To this day, this is the only affordable workhorse laptop, since every Intel based unit has 4 or 6 mobile cores, and that's a big no no for me and possibly others.
Thanks in advance!

Level 7
I'd also like to know how to bring my CPU to default speed and either not use turbo mode or change it to something less power hungry than the 3.4ghz it's always running at. I mean it doesn't seem to use a turbo mode as the CPU is always at 3.4ghz. I'd like to drop it to 3.0 or 2.8 as right now i hit 90c since Asus screwed up a repair and made the cpu run hotter than it used to.