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GL702ZC display overclok (extend freesync range)

Level 7

I was wondering if the display would play along overclocking to some extent. I did some research, found it's fairly harmless and even found a GL702ZC owner who got as far as 91 Hz, but going with any refresh rate above 60 Hz, the display would not advertize FreeSync capability, at least Radeon Software does not recognize it.

I was messing around with the CRU utility, which strangely does not have any information on the display, just blank stuff. I don't know where the driver actually gets the FreeSync range if it doesn't obtain it from the display itself.

Has anyone successfully overclocked the display with working FreeSync? I wouldn't mind going beyond 60 Hz with the few titles that the RX580 actually manages to squeeze more frames out with. I did not check for display defects just yet, the Windows desktop still displayed with 85 Hz which was the highest I tried. I reset everything back to the way it was, 40-60 Hz FreeSync working as it should.