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GL702VS Thermal Throttling

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I recently got a GL707VS with the 7700HQ and the GTX1070. To begin with, the laptop used to overheat dramatically, with the CPU going to 95C. I switched off Turbo Boost using a quick registry change and this brought down the CPU temps to around 85-90.
With Fan Boost set to the default (system), I ran a succession of unigine valley benchmarks. The scores were as follows -
A trace from HWINFO suggests that the GPU temperature is being maintained to around 80C, with the card clocking down to base frequency as the benchmarks progress.
With Fan boost set to 50%, the following scores were obained -
HWINFO suggested that the average clock for these runs was around 1600MHz. At this point, I thought I had more or less solved my throttling problem.
Now, when playing Sniper Elite 4, which runs on Ultra, the GPU temps reach 80C, but the average clock during a 30 minute play session is only about 1550MHz.
Performance Limit Power and Performance Limit Thermal are both "Yes".
I also ran Sniper Elite 4 with the CPU undervolted by 100mV, and while the CPU temps fell by about 5C, the GPU clock situation did not get any better.
What can I do about this throttling? The GPU is supposed to be able to boost to 1645MHz so that one gets optimal performance. If it can't do that, isn't this something remiss from ASUS's side? What can I do to get to optimal performance?

Level 7
Try to undervolt your CPU and GPU pal. Also disable the intel turbo boost by setting max proccessor state to 99% in power options settings.
i undervolt my cpu by -120mV and my GPU with MSI afterburner curve setting (Default 1885MHz @1200mV becoming 1911MHz @900mV).
Feel free to contact me if u need further info about it.
FYI that those default GPU setting will bring you to your story 1550MHz because of thermal throttling (Caused by too more heat generated due it is use 1200mV).

You know what? Thank you for replying to the thread. In fact, I had already figured out your replies, but this prompted me to write it up properly.
So, for anyone having issues with the thermals on the GL702VS, this is what you do -
1) Download the Intel Xtreme Tuning utility and undervolt the CPU by about 125mV (Set the core offset voltage to -125mV). Sometimes, this setting will rest itself at boot. Here is a link for not letting that happen -
2) Don't disable turbo boost. We will just be able to stay within the thermal limits without doing so.
3) Open the ROG Gaming Center and set the fan boost to 50%. This is a bit suspect - It helps, but will it cause the fan to fail? From my knowledge of electronics, I'd guess not, but would anyone like to comment?
4) Download MSI Afterburner and press Ctrl+F. This opens the voltage-frequency curve. How this works is, (and the sequence is important) the GPU decides the clock speed, and this curve tells the GPU what voltage to use at that clock speed. So, I have a basic curve where right from the lowest voltage available to the highest voltage available, all my clocks are set to 1645MHz (This is the boost clock according to NVIDIA). Now, rather than the clock jumping all around, you will have a steady clock of 1645MHz. This leads to smoother gameplay.
I also tested another curve where the clock starts from 1645 MHz at the lowest voltages and moves up to 1708MHz by the time it reaches 800mV and then becomes constant at 1708MHz all the way to the max voltage.

Using these tweaks, and no repasting etc, I was able to prevent any throttling on the laptop even when inside a room at about 30C. The CPU reaches about 85, averaging at 80 and the GPU reaches 77-78, below the throttle point which seems to be at 80. My criterion is that the clock needs to be rock steady, even after a few hours of gaming. Higher steady clocks maybe possible if you live in colder climes, but this is the best I could do. If you do live in cooler areas, the modifications are simple. Start from 1645 at the lowest voltage, and target the upper frequency in 50MHz jumps. Since ~1700 is stable at 800mV, I'd try 1750, 1800.. figuring out the lowest voltage at which the system is stable - no blinking, tearing etc. Suppose it is 825mV for 1800MHz, then make a curve which rises smoothly from 1645 to 1800 from the lowest voltage to 825mV.

If anyone needs help follwing this, post a reply here and I'd be happy to help.

p.s. Disabling turbo boost could lead to better GPU performance, and I have tried it. It does lead to lower average framerates on Sniper Elite 4 and F1 2017 though. So, why bother!? The idea should be to get the max performance possible in games while the laptop is still well within the safe limits, right?

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Although it doesn't look as nice.....i found ThrottleStop to be better than XTU as it always remembers the undervolt offset.

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Nice writeup though.

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Thanks! I did try throttle stop, but I couldn't quite figure it out. The Intel XTU thing seems to be a lot easier to use. With that small script, it does maintain the settings through a reboot too, so I guess I'm good with that.

Thanks for this thread,

I kind of put undervolting the GPU out of my mind since most of the info I was seeing was towards the 1060gtx systems.

Could you post a screen shot of what you see in MSI Afterburner? I'd like to see what your curve looks like..

FastM wrote:
Thanks for this thread,

I kind of put undervolting the GPU out of my mind since most of the info I was seeing was towards the 1060gtx systems.

Could you post a screen shot of what you see in MSI Afterburner? I'd like to see what your curve looks like..

Here you go -

Hope this helps! There should be some way of exporting these curves to files so I could just share the actual curves with people rather than sharing only images

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okay that's what I did as well.

So am I right to assume the lowest the voltage will go is 800mV? The idea is to have the GPU run as much Mhz at 800mv.

I have the same flat curve at 1645Mhz at the moment, playing a coupe hours of PUBG my GPU maxed out in the low 70's (gpu-z confirmed it held at .825v the entire time) and the CPU was mid 80's with a peak of 88. That's with Turbo boost enabled and a -.070 undervolt with XTU. (I had instability with trying to undervolt at .100 last time I tried.

So pretty happy with this so far, I like that ive been able to re-enable turbo boost and that the GPU stays at 1645mhz with entire gaming session.

So at this point, what curve could I try to push the system a little harder?

Level 7
I have the same issue here ... doing really NOTHING, the CPU temps are at 74, triggering an ever disturbing fan noise ... GPU temp is also at idle at 68 celsius, which is ridiculous ...

I have had this notebook for over 2 years now ... maybe it's time to repaste it? Thoughts about liquid metal?