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GL702vs-RS71 and SSamsung 960 PRO NVMe 1TB

Level 7
First of all hello to all this is my first post. I'm an official geezer at 52. I do Enterprise work these days and haven't done a build or mod (except Apple Powerbooks) in quite a while. I have a gazillion certs from A+ to MCSE to CIsco etc.
I picked up the plain jane 1TB Spinner at a Conns last November and instantly hated WIn10 as I had been on Macs for personal use for the past decade.
I was going to try to put a 1TB PCIE in this but I have changed my mind and will go with an 850 Pro 1TB for right now. I just want to use it for Graphic design. Its a bit of over kill but should work fine. I would trade it for a powerbook in a minute but did not realize how bad win10 was.

What is the best way to swap out an SSD for the stock 1TB HGST? I heard AOmei was a good tool to use. I have used Acronis since forever.
Any help would be appreciated

Mod - Please change the name of this post to GL702vs-RS71 and Samsung 850 Pro 1TB swap - please

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cmon Win10 ain’t that bad, I routinely work with both windows and mac systems in domain environments and I can tell you the mac’s gives me 3 times the problems with network compatibility issues.

To answer your question, the best thing would be to backup that eSupport folder on your C:\ root since that contains all the system drivers and a nice install wizard that automates that process even rebooting when needed. Then proceed with a freshly made bootable USB stick made from the Windows Creating Tool and setup a fresh install of windows 10. The factory images a known to come packaged with problems so it’s highly recommended to start fresh before getting to settle with system.

If your heart set on doing an image copy, then i recommend *aomei backupper, make a bootable usb within the program and use it to save an image of your current setup to a connected usb hd (or network location). Follow the same process to restore the image to your new drive once installed.

good luck!**and if you think windows is the biggest problem with these laptops wait until you start stressing the cpu/gpu and see how hot things get 🙂

FastM wrote:

good luck!**and if you think windows is the biggest problem with these laptops wait until you start stressing the cpu/gpu and see how hot things get 🙂

What issues are you eluding to? I am just going to use for graphic design. If you are saying there is going to be other issues than I will just sell right now and take a loss. Are you saying they arent decent laptops?

Level 8
Just that under heavy gaming type load the CPU will hit close to 100c and rely a thermal throttling to bring control the temps. The GPU will also hit temps in the high 80's and do some throttling of its own.

These issues can be addressed with undervolting and/or other tricks like disabling the CPU turbo boost feature. Although using it for graphic design I don't know if you'll be stressing the system as much as gaming.

All in all its a good system, These high powered thin/light system are pretty similar across the board, my good friend with an equivalent MSI suffers from similar cooling issues.. It either that or the fans sound like airplanes under load.

Have you tried undervolting? (my cpu never goes over 70C
Also a little more risky, is repasting.

Plenty of resources online for tips an directions.