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GL702VS refusing to recover

Level 7

I bought this laptop 2 weeks ago since my previous one could not handle graphics anymore, i am in no way even remotely conversant in IT. I bought the laptop to play my game and at the most are able to recover and install a new fresh version of windows. Been spending lots of time on the web trying to find or follow advice but nothing seems to work or help

My problem sttarted after Nov 30 cumulative update from MS and Nvidia graphics card update. Prior to this the laptop would boot up in less than 5 sec's and the same when shuttng down. After this update it started to take around 4-5 hrs to shut down and around 5-6 hrs to boot up.

I have used a usb recovery drive to recover windows but it never gets to tthe point where i can start the installation, "the MS screen to go through the steps assosiated with a new instllation". All i get is a blank screen and if i leave it like this then it will at some stage revert to windows and i an work as normal and play my game without any issues. Out of habbit i always shut the laptop down in the mornings when i leave for work an start it up in the evening when i return from work. The last couple of days is the long shut dow and start-up issues.

When the laptop decides to go into "Auto Repair" mode watching it closely i noticed that i small window flashes up and dissapear straight away, i guess this is the screen that will enable me to do the repair cycle but not sure. it only flashes for a split second with a white border and nothing inside.

I woul appreiate any help please on what to do or how to resolve this.