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GL702VS In Black?

Level 7
I tried to do a bit of searching but could only see that on the Asus website you can either select silver or black. Being that I'm trying to find one used I am trying to find out this info so I can either wait for a black one to pop up or just pull the trigger on a silver one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!, TIA!

It's not clear what you're asking. It sounds like you're asking if it comes in black then saying it comes in black.
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Level 14
If you're buying used and they're only selling silver, not black, then you can only buy silver, lol. If you want black then you'll have to buy from somewhere else (ASUS or another vendor) who offers black.
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Level 7
Thanks for your replies. I resorted to just buying the GL702VI. Mods Please close this thread, thank you!