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GL702VS-BI7N12 SSD and RAM upgrades

Level 7
I wanted to share in this forum that the following components are working well in my new ROG gaming notebook.

1) ROG Strix GL702VS-BI7N12 gaming notebook from the local shop (BB).
2) A pair of Ballistix Sport gaming memory 16GB DDR-4 2400 1.2V BLS16G4S240FSD for a total of 32GB
3) Crucial MX300 1050GB SATA M.2 2280 SSD CT1050MX300SSD4
4) Sandisk Ultra II SSD SDSSDHII-960GB
5) ROG Strix Impact gaming mouse
6) Samsung 4K external TV-connected via HDMI

The OOB experience was great, the laptop booted nicely from the included 1TB SATA Hard Drive and was very snappy.
I added a 17" cooling fan underneath to occasionally turn on, when I think I want some more cool air to keep the machine cooler 🙂
So far, when doing nothing but looking at the desktop, or running the gaming center, the CPU is at 40C and GPU is at 41C.

I also have an "older" model ROG G75V, so I have been a ROG notebook user for some time. The rear of this notebook is different
from the typical ROG exhaust design layouts.

I like the ROG Gaming Center software, it is really nice to have a single screen with information and visuals. I hope that in the future
that it evolves and includes "every" possible tweak and adjustment that a user can perform on a gaming level notebook.

I did perform a clean install of Win10 Pro (64Bit) from a USB flash drive. I had copied out the entire "eSupport" folder off the hard drive
before replacing the drives. So loading drivers, and being selective with some items was good. The initial software that was preloaded
was nice and light, and I could have easily just cloned the original drive onto my SSD.

Thanks for a great machine ROG, and I hope this helps others who wish to tweak and add or change some extra items.

If anyone posts any questions, I will check back and answer if I can.