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GL702VS 4K Display Output - 4K Panel!

Level 7
Something odd just started happening when plugging my GL702VS into my Samsung 4K matches the screen resolution on the laptop itself. It's almost like it's backwards, so the panel is indeed a 4K panel on the laptop, not a 1080P panel. I am able to make a custom Nvidia resolution of 3840x2160@75Hz but it doesn't stick, when you hit OK it will go to that but when I go back to the resolution list it's missing. It flashes and shows up but then disappears.

Anyone else had this happen? If it is indeed 4K, as it appears (I made sure the virtual resolution was not on) I wouldn't mind using it for gaming, I game on a 4K TV and monitor and having a screen that small on the laptop it would look fantastic. Yes, it's a 1070 non-MaxQ so I do have to adjust some settings, but it's worth it.

Level 8
Not really sure what your seeing, maybe it’s true however as far as gaming I would take the lower 1080p res with a highest refresh as possible (120hz right?) then max the in game scaling (rendering the game at a higher res and squeezing it in the 1080p frame) over the 4k & lower refresh.