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GL702VMK AC mode problem

Level 7
I have a big problem with my Asus Rog Strix GL702VMK
The PC only works in battery mode. If I connect the power supply jack, the notebook goes to "stand-by mode" (at least I think so), the screen and the keyboard light turn off. As soon as I remove the jack, the screen turns on instantly, without loading or losing data.
The charger is new and original, I have already tried 4 different ones.
The PC does not turn on with the adapter connected, but the battery charges. I don't think it's a Windows problem because if I am in the Bios and I connect the adapter, the PC no longer responds and the screen turns off. Removing the jack returns to work.

(sorry for my bad english)

Basically when I insert the adapter jack, it sees it as if I close the notebook screen.
I tried to set what to do in case the screen closes. And exactly what I tell him to do happens, but it does even when I plug in the jack. If I set to go to suspension at the closing of the screen, inserting the jack goes to suspension, if I tell him to go into hibernation, he goes into hibernation, etc ...
If you set "do nothing" the screen will turn off anyway.