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GL702VM touchpad problematic defect

Level 7
i have this machine almost a year now. Still could not decide to send for warranty service or not since the touchpad was misbehaving since day one. It works most of the time but sometime the cursor does not respond to my command. It is like sluggish and lagging. Very annoying when you are doing something important but the mouse cursor doesn't want to go where you want it. I have dealt with the online technical support. The usual troubleshooting like turning the machine on/off blah blah blah. After all that activities they told me to call warranty service. I was just reluctant to do that as this will be time consuming as i would need to back up all data, delete all data for privacy purpose... So I have not send in the machine and waited for software drivers resolution. But no. Or Asus comes clean to say the touchpad is not compatible with Windows 10 and make a recall. I don't like to waste all the time to backup and clean the machine and send in to Asus only to find that they could do nothing to fix this inherent problem. I strongly feel the touchpad component 'Elan' is not fully working in this machine under windows 10. What should i do.