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GL702VM SSD problem and Advice Needed!

Level 7
So I finally decided to replace my drives knowing already the experienced problems with the Samsung's SSD.

My GL702VM bios was updated in the summer to 310 via windows update.
Now I bought a Kingston A2000 NVME to replace the stock slow hynix SSD and after considering the reported samsung's ssd's problems divided for a Crucial MX500 Sata SSD to replace the HDD.

After swapping them my laptop won't past the ROG logo oh my.....after tests I discovered the problem lies in replacing the HDD for the Crucial SSD as I managed to fresh install the windows on the new Kingston SSD NVME.

I also tried to disable secure boot as someone mentioned but it didn't work.

Based on this, what is the best solution to do know? Revert to BIOS 306 and install SSD or install again the available BIOS 310 from the Asus webpage?


Level 7
So I managed to downgrade the BIOS to 306 and now I am able to use the SSD.
However I have a problem which couldn´t find a solution yet. Each time I try to restart the system (only when restarting) gives me:

windows boot manager error

Status: 0xc000000f
Info: An unexpected error has occured

Then I have to press the power button to complete the restart.

I already tried:

-Clean Install
-Disable fast boot and secure boot

Nothing solved so far....

One thing I find strange when installing windows, the SSD NVME where I want to install windows is detected as Disk 1 while the SSD SATA is detected as disk 0.
Could this be the problem and how can I fix this?