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GL702VM refresh rate

Level 7
Hello all,

I have a GL702VM-BHI7N09 (bought at Best Buy). It says on the ASUS website, that the GL702VM has a 60Hz screen, however in my properties (and NVidia Control Paned) it show a 75Hz screen (with corresponding 75 FPS via G-sync). I was just wondering if everyone with a GL702VM has a 75Hz monitor, or if only some do, or if the specs on ASUS' page are just all out of wack (since we have noticed that the Thunderbolt 3 spec on their page might not be accurate either -

Please post your model and if you have a 75Hz monitor ,or not (and it not, please let us know the refresh rate).

Thank you.

Level 11
I have the new titanium silver kaby lake GL702VM and it has a 75Hz GSYNC display. I'm curious about the TB3, though.

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