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GL702VM having severe performance issues

Level 7
Hi all, I know I'm not the first to have this problem but it has been plaguing me for well over 2 months. I've sent it back to my local Asus service center but they've claimed that they have run Furmark/3Dmark and are unable to replicate this issue.

On my end? I've run everything from Overwatch, to Diablo 3 to Nier Automata and it happens for EVERY single game. First it starts off relatively smooth and then the FPS dips to unplayable levels. Thought it could be a thermal throttling issue but downvolting both CPU and GPU seems to alleviate but a little of the issue and pushes out an extra 5 FPS and lowers temps by close to 7 degrees.

Specs for the GL702VM are as follows:
I7 6700HQ
16GB 8x2 2133Mhz DDR4
500GB WD Blue M.2 SSD
GTX1060 6GB

Attached a screenshot while running OW on Medium settings as well. Any advice will be helpful.