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GL702VM / GL702?? Overheating = Flimsy VRM Heatsink plate is blowing in the wind.

Level 7
GL702VM is over heating during CPU stress test within 3 minutes. So as I was repasting I noticed that the thin copper plate covering the VRMs that is attached to the heatpipe assembly is not making contact with the VRMs and the tiny black chips behind them; its just hanging there, blowing in the wind above the VRMs. There is a little "peg" that resembles a rivet that fits into a hole on the PCB but it isn't anywhere close to doing that. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how I'm supposed to make that flimsy plate stay in contact with the VRMs, etc. short of using glue products (which isn't an option). What gives? How is everyone else making this happen? I hate to complain but this is completely nuts. I've never run into such a shoddy type of deal with any manufacturer, least of all ASUS! Any sugggestions would be greatly appreciated as I think that this is contributing to my overheating issue. Thanks in advance and best regards.