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GL702VM found air flow defect? 10c cooler

Level 8
Hi. Summer is fast approaching an so I thought now is a better time than ever to breakdown my year old unit and clean it out. I was not expecting muck dust to be honest but i figure safe than sorry and I needed to check out my black tap mod to make sure it was still sticking (it was). When I removed the CPU fan I noticed something odd, a black foamy, linty material in the some of the copper fins. This was not like all the other dust in the laptop and in any of my computers. I used a tiny eyeglass screwdriver to pull out the material and now doing benches I'm staying 8-10c cooler on my GPU. Playing witcher 3 with no cpu turbo I used to hit 86c, now its only 77 and the GPU boost clock is stable at 1738mhz.

If your like me and baby the crap out of your GL702, next time you clean it out remove the CPU fan and look.

Level 8
Okay. I decided to run a stress test. I turned on turbo and ran intel stress test and furmark for 30 minutes. I never was able to do this with my laptop without throttling after 8 minutes. Now I can't get it to thermal throttle. As you can see from the image nothing went over 85c besides one hot core (bad factory paste?).

This is after a .08 undervolt, profile #3 of the afterburner curve, along with notebook fan control profile from an earlier post. I also put black tape over the gaps of the fans.


idle temps.