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GL702VM Black screens and non-functioning keyboard, overheating for no good reason

Level 7
I've had black screen 3 times now when starting up PC without anything special done before.

Recently my laptop keyboard (GL702VM - FI/SWE keyboard) stopped working where I just recently had installed plugged in logitech wireless keyboard (not sure if that's the issue)... Tried everything apart from resetting PC and finally "fixed it" by just resetting PC (in hopes of getting to BIOS) and then noticing everything actually was working... weird. Maybe it was the reinstall of drivers combined with reset, can't really tell. Wasted like 3 hours trying to fix this.

Is it just me or does GL702VM laptop come with extremely bugged drivers / bios whatnot? I've never had this bad experience from buying newer laptop. Not to mention that overheating (85+ degrees Celsius) on games, even if you turn down all settings in game like Dark Souls 3, still goes +85 and won't cool down.

You need to seriously start upping the drivers / BIOS or this will be last Asus I'm buying.

Level 7
Apply this update which should take care of the keyboard issue, did for me anyways.
Read this thread which will help with heat issues.
The black screen on startup is probably due to Fast Boot option so try disabling that under Power Options I think it is under "Change what the power buttons do" section. I haven't experienced this myself but I've had Hibernation disabled from day 1 which disables Fast Boot.

Level 11
I haven't tried the above keyboard update. But for the keyboard, take a look at my thread too

It could be actually a BIOS issue, I saw this on my old laptop. After you use the lappy for some time, ASUS Update automatically downloads new BIOS and upgrades it without asking any questions. I have disabled this by uninstalling Asus Update crap completely, there is a method to rollback the old BIOS in my thread though. I had to RMA my old laptop for various reasons, but I think you might want to stay with the 300 BIOS because it actually bricked the whole keyboard for someone while it should *FIX* the keyboard issues. 🙂 I never updated the BIOS in this new laptop I got, and never will unless they do something dramatic with fan curves/temperatures to prevent issues.

What temps are you referring to? 85c is still very acceptable for CPU or GPU, because in some games like Mafia 3 the laptop will completely overheat at 95c+ if you don't throttle the CPU yourself via Windows or Intel XTU..resulting in CPU frequency going back and forth between 800 - 3100 MHz. It hits the gameplay with a hammer. 🙂 Take a look at another threads for this.
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