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[GL702VM & similar] Solution to Performance issues / Overheating / Throttling / Whine

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Hi guys, I bought GL702VM and was upset with its ability to handle games and high load. I had immediate temperature jump to over 85 jump and throttling / frame drops in games. So I decided to understand how to improve things, even though, I already lost my warranty due to my experiments, but at least I can answer for everyone, that:
- the main problem of this notebook is inefficient, insufficient cooling system with too thin fans, too small heatsinks, vent holes in a wrong places (aside, not above the fans).

To prove this, I first changed the thermal interface to liquid metal. That doesn't solve the issue. This proves, the thermal contact is ok, but heat dissipation is bad. Second, I ran stress tests with back cover removed - helped a lot, about 15-20 degrees off. The proves that air intake is wrong in this system.

I also removed an antidust tape with holes covering all the intake holes. That helped by around 5 degrees and also brought down air noise.

Then I came to idea of downvolting CPU and GPU, thanks to devs of ThrottleStop and MSI Afterburner, we can do this with relative ease.

The result: Fan noise reduced by half. Temp drop is huge. More speed due to ability of CPU/GPU to properly boost to max speed.

For your information - CPU is responsible for about 30% of heat, GPU - for 70%. So best idea is to undervolt the GPU, but for best results go for both.

Variant A - Install Intel Xtreme Tuning Utility

  • Go to Advanced Tuning tab and Change Dynamic CPU Voltage Offset to negative value (move slider to the left). -100mV is a good starting point. Leave Mode to Adaptive.
  • Apply changes.

My CPU holds -150mV well.

Variant B - Install Throttle Stop 8.3 or above

  • On main window click FIVR button
  • Under CPU Core Voltage move Offset Voltage slider to the left. -100mV is a good starting point. The lower value the less heat.
  • Click Apply. On the same window you can save settings to make them apply every time you start the app.


  • Download and Install MSI Afterburner 4.3 or above
  • In settings turn on Unlock voltage control and Unlock voltage monitoring
  • Close MSI Afterburner
  • Download my Voltage Profile for GTX 1060
  • Extract profile to some folder and then copy file to "C:\Program Files (x86)\MSI Afterburner\Profiles". Click continue as Administrator when Windows asks permission to write.
  • Run MSI Afterburner, click on profile 1 (out of 5). Then press Ctrl+F. (1 - least heat, but may be unstable for some... 2, bit more voltage etc till 5.)
  • You will see my Voltage Curve (screenshot). What you'll see that it's flat until 1050mv. that means. 1050 will never be used, so will never be used any voltage except 831mV @ 1860 MHz and below.
  • Click apply to test this curve
  • If this curve is not stable for you - edit it to your taste: Click on 831mV dot and move it lower, so that lower freq will be used for that voltage, and for 1860 freq next available voltage will be used. Etc. Work with leftmost voltage dots to make everything stable.

This curve drops heat of GPU by at least 30%, which is huge.

Workaround described here:

Perform only these steps as Administrator:
1. At a command prompt, run the following command:
reg add HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Processor /v Capabilities /t REG_DWORD /d 0x0007e066
2. Restart the computer.
3. Run ThrottleStop v8.3 or above and uncheck C1E. Click save.

In theory, it will make CPU a bit hotter while system is idle, because it disables some advanced C-states, but i didn't notice that in monitoring app.
That solved like 99.9% of the noise, and in addition, disabling C1E in ThrottleStop solved noise issue completely.
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fchamp1989 wrote:
I am looking to buy Asus Gl702 VM. I have read many of the posts but still can't come to the conclusion. If I buy it I won't be changing thermal pastes and drilling holes since I have never even opened a laptop's back. So with undervolting, disabling turbo boost and ramping up fan speed manually be enough to keep CPU temperature to playable levels for long gaming sessions? I would really appreciate if someone helps me out.

Mostly, yes. If you see anything going out of control during the first few days, you can still return it, right?

TornaD-oz wrote:
Mostly, yes. If you see anything going out of control during the first few days, you can still return it, right?

That's the thing I am worried about because my friend would be getting it for me from US. And I stay in India. So if an issue occurs I would be stuck with it.

fchamp1989 wrote:
That's the thing I am worried about because my friend would be getting it for me from US. And I stay in India. So if an issue occurs I would be stuck with it.

Same issue for me too. I live in India but bought my gl502vsk from New York. Now i am having thermal throttling issues and i can only get it looked at when i go to NY again since it has only US warranty and not global warranty so can't show it at indian service centre. 😞
I made a thread about my issue too if you want to read it :

Gam3rNa5h wrote:
Same issue for me too. I live in India but bought my gl502vsk from New York. Now i am having thermal throttling issues and i can only get it looked at when i go to NY again since it has only US warranty and not global warranty so can't show it at indian service centre. 😞
I made a thread about my issue too if you want to read it :

Read about your issues, it really sucks man to have to pay a premium for a device and still face issues. I have scoured the forum but haven't read anywhere any posts regarding screen tearing. Have you checked some other forums and found anything useful?

KalEl wrote:
You gave me an idea. Buy a bottom cover from an alienware 17 r4....cut the vent portion out, slap it on the back of the gl702vs...I do wonder if it would fit. You can get a used bottom cover for $20 on ebay. I bought one and am going to see if I can do something with it. Hoping it would look something like this:

Ok so I finally got this done after all this time. I made a huge cut out in the back, double taped the alienware backing on temporarily to see temp improvements. I found I wasn't seeing much improvements at all with the vents and the laptop sitting flat on the desk. I then bought the coolermaster t3 plus laptop cooler and put noctua fans on it, and modded the included fan controller to work with the noctua fans to shoot cool air directly into those vents. This made a huge difference. It appears to do the job real well thus far and my temps are stable without undervolting and leaving the cpu performance state at 100%.. I also found that adding a nice layer of thermal paste and really rubbing it in on the heat sink side first seemed to have solved these crazy deltas in cpu temps I was getting. Could of also been a poor mount on it, I tried to straighten out the flimsy copper that could possibly cause the heat sinks to not sit flat.

With all this, and running the laptop cooler fans, I am able to to get a noticeable reduction at load probably greater than 10-15c, so much so, that I notice the intel turbo is able to hold throughout the uningine benchmark with multiple runs. Of course uningine is not that cpu bound. I still got to try other games but I think I finally solved this. We need to turn it into an alienware lol. Going to add some glue to make it permanent, along with some kind of dust filtering for the vents. But I'm really happy with the results thus far and I was about to throw in the towel on this thing. I tested holding the laptop with the vent and it isn't as sturdy...but sturdy enough to hold. Definitely a huge improvement with this mod and the laptop cooler. My idle temps use to be now sits at around 38. Load temps could get up to 85 after prolonged gaming. Now it is high 60s to lower 70s...keep in mind this is no undervolting, and allowing turbo and 100% cpu processor state...not using vsync either.

I undervolted my cpu to -150mV but temperatures while idling are still between 55-60C. ALso when i tried using the specified curve my games started freezing. I m just a begineer with undervolting GPU so need help. I own an Asus ROg GL502VMK.

Hi Guys
I read your thread with interest because I recently started experiencing problems with my laptop. Despite loud fan noises I had no problem until I used the machine on my gaming monitor using mini displayport. there had been no problems until I used the laptop screen again. Now it fickers every 5-10 seconds, but I'm not dropping frames. I have rolled back my NVidia drivers, reinstalled them and reupdated them. I'm going to try the 99% option in the power plan because it seems simple. i'll try it and post again.

hi , the problem is back plate , if you look on my computers image the results are shocking

nearly 25 degrees diffrence on and off backside of computer,

Hi everyone! Sorry for a little offtop, because it is about GL553VD with i5 7300HQ+GTX1050.

  • Undervolting threads here address only to decreasing core voltage offset, however both IntelXTU and throttlestop have cache voltage offset. Should I change them both and must they be the same values?
  • Did someone try undervolting with core i5-7300HQ? What is your stable voltage offset? Is it reasonable to try undervolting with temperatures never exceeding 90C?
  • Can stable undervolting profile in theory have negative consequences for CPU in long-term usage? Has anyone experienced any issues with stable voltage offset?
  • And one theoretic question: high performance means high power. Less voltage = less power. So, how in theory can processor maintain same clocks and same computing ability with less VID (=less power provided)?

Will be very grateful for any replies.

I have a Asus ROG GL502VM with Intel Core i5-6300HQ and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB. I also noticed high temperatures when gaming: two hours of Deus Ex Mankind Divided got some weird graphical glithces, which really woke me up to how hot laptop was :eek: I have laptop Pure C-Stand, so it has good 20 mm clearance for incoming air on bottom, but that not help. I feel very disappointed for ASUS technical quality & design on this temperature point, laptop is burning too hot, how they dare to release such incomplete product 😞

I tested temperatures with back cover on & off:

  • Back cover ON, CPU=88 C, GPU=75 C
  • Back cover OFF, CPU=81 C, GPU=69 C.

So without back cover temps drop CPU 7 degC and GPU 6 degC - I also conclude that back cover vents are restricting the airflow too much. I'm planning to do that back cover mod, drill more vents for cooling fan positions, so can then see how much it helps with air flow & temps.

UPDATE Cover-mod made.
I made 21x 3mm hole pattern on bottom cover, one pattern on top of each fan. It had no effect on actual temperatures yet, but I saw with HWiNFO that my CPU Package Max Power was higher under stress test: value rise from 39,6 W to 42,6 W. That might tell that thermal throttling was not activated because cooling was more effective? Also that cover mod already reduced fan noise when gaming. I'm planning to make more holes to pattern, to see if that helps to lower the temps too, update my hole pattern to 37x 3,5mm holes. I calculated that the surface area of 37x 3,5mm holes are about 33% of cooling fan blade rotation area, so it may take 1/3 of air through modded holes and half through original vents... See the results then 🙂

UPDATE2 Cover-mod rev2.
Okay I think I'll continue more slowly, so I updated pattern to 37x 3mm holes (their area ~24% of fan blade rotation area). Max temps top still the same, but stabilating to CPU 83 C and GPU 73 C. Max Package Power 42,8 W. I'll think this may be good point to stop, because temps stabilating lower now and air is still going through original vents too.

Below is also a picture of my hole pattern (dimensions in millimeters), so feel free to use as drilling guidance if you are using hand drill machine.