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GL553VE Random Shutdowns

Level 7
I've been having this problem intermittently for a good few months now, and it's reached the point where it's started to really irritate me.

Regardless of what i'm doing on my laptop, whether it be intensive gaming, all the way down to something as simple as reading a word document, my system will just randomly shutdown. The shutdown itself is almost identical to what would happen if your laptop were to run out of battery, no warning the screen just goes black and everything whirs to a sudden stop.

I always have the charging cable plugged in as the majority of the time i'm gaming, and the battery is nearly always fully charged anyway even if it wasn't plugged in.
The shutdowns are very unpredictable... I can go a few weeks without issue and then get two or three shutdowns in one day, as mentioned I can't pin it down to any one process as it happens when I'm doing various things.

I'm inclined to think this is unrelated to temperatures given the fact that some of the things I've been doing at the time of incident barely get my temps above normal operating levels, but I've no idea what is actually causing issues.

One other thing potentially worth noting. Whenever I restart after a shutdown my RGB keyboard fails to start up, only the power button will have light. In order for the keyboard to work again i have to shutdown completely and power back up again.

I contacted ASUS support and they very helpfully suggested doing a reset, which I've always seen as more of a last resort kind of situation, does anybody have any thoughts on what could be causing this to happen, it's beyond me...

Level 10
Hello Averajoe,
Please send your device to service center for further examination and repair.
Thank you.