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GL553VE Keyboard Died

Level 7
I have a GL553VE ROG laptop purchased brand new in March and the keyboard has up and died. It appears to be a a hardware issue (tried reinstalling drivers and running Linux from disk with no success) and there doesn't appear to be any visible damage or disconnection, so I'm trying to find a replacement keyboard. Is there one for this model or one that will fit with this model?

Level 7
why not send it in for warranty repair?

link626 wrote:
why not send it in for warranty repair?

Yeah, it looks like I will have to. I was hoping to avoid waiting however long that will take.

Level 7
keyboards are expensive, and the way Asus makes them nowadays, the keyboard alone is not replaceable. In older laptops, you could just pop out the whole keyboard.

Not so anymore with these new asus laptops. The keyboard itself is extremely difficult almost impossible to replace.

As shown below in the GL702, and like other GL laptops, the keyboards are welded to the palmrest deck by plastic rivets.

So if the keyboard breaks, they replace the whole deck.

This is potentially costly repair, as the parts are $80-$100. So you gotta treat the keyboard with care.

It's probably more cost effective to use a $5 usb keyboard most of the time.