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GL553VE Bios update freezed

Level 7
I tried updating my bios version from 307 to 308 in model GL553VE. I tried doing it with EZ Flash 3 utility in bios menu. The bios update froze as soon as the progress bar reached the last point. Now It's been 30 minutes approx but nothing happened. What can I do and what might've been wrong here? All I did was find the bios update file in my USB and select it in flash utility.

Level 8
There is no 308 BIOS firmware though? I also have the ASUS ROG STRIX GL553VE, please link the URL or download link.

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I have been taking version 308 bios update with windows update .

try to update system firmware using device manager , Windows will upgrade new bios firmware to your laptop,only if new bios file is stored in driver data base server.
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Level 11
I would never update my BIOS through windows, let alone windows update/driver database.

Just download it from the website and update it by going into the bios settings. Better safe than sorry.

If you used SSD, open up the SSD then. Start up the notebook without SSD in use. System will started to open BIOS. Let in BIOS for 1 or 2 minute to make your system raed all new upgraded. Shutdown the notebook. Put your SSD with windows installed back on the socket. Hope this can help you.