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GL553VE Automatic shutdown with Manual Fan Boost

Level 7

I am facing an issue with my GL553VE laptop which shuts down automatically if you do a manual fan boost from the ROG gaming center..the laptop runs just fine if i keep the fan mode to 'Auto' but even with slightest increase in manual fan boost speed results in an automatic shutdown abruptly after 5-10 mins.. Also manually boosting the fan speed resuls in decrease of about 10-15 FPS while gaming ( i dont know for what reason). I also dont have Avast or any other antivirus installed which could be conflicting this..

I contacted Asus support and they asked me to update the BIOS..*
I have already uninstalled and updated nvidia to latest drivers, along with latest version of ROG gaming center (v2.03) and updated BIOS as well (v302), however it still doesnt help.

Is anyone else also facing the same issue with their laptops and have come across any solution for it?

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xerohunterz wrote:
I have the same problem too...My version is an i5-7300hq and not the i7. temperatures reaches 85 degrees max. and gpu reaches 80 max. The only solution i have is to lower the gaming settings and limit fps and leave the fan speed to "AUTO". Temperatures would be 75degrees max. And I RMA-ed to get a repaste job done and temperatures are around 68-70degrees.

Hi xerohunterz,

So would you recommend sending the laptop back to service center for getting a thermal paste job once again?? Has it helped you to achieve lower temperatures constantly?

Cheers!! *

Anyone in the thread, what are your ambient temps and ambient auto fan speed?
I've got them cycling near ~45C (both w/ Turbo Boost or w/o) with mostly 2000 RPM (very randomly 2600 RPM), while Sid7886 reported 30C. Even such difference while idle seems no big deal, however, I'm a bit suprised. Especially considering I have gl553vd, with Core i5.

I wiil be very grateful for your comments.

Lord Obsidian wrote:
Sid7886, hi there.
1) No, tech support do not offer any actual fix. As usual, they tell to update BOIS, reinstall Game Center and ATK driver, but it doesn't help. But as you I suspect that all this is because of Gaming Center than of hardware. First there is an interesting thing: most gaming laptops have fan boost tecgnology. MSI have Cooler Boost, Lenovo show it own %Boost_Name% with Legion series, but all of them have this as "toggle on max fan speed/toggle it of". It's a button, not slider with intermediate value, and I think it is how it must be. And in this case Asus operates well: toggle max and you will get what you need (see 2) for concrete). I really don't get why Asus done it in such way. I think I would make Asus a feedback with suggestion to change fan boost to button.

Second, I went a bit deeper and get a bit more concrete information. I report it in new thread, but it has no replies. I'll copy it here.
If one set in Fan Boost tab everything between "Auto" and "Max" values of system fan speed via Fan Boost in ROG Gaming Center, according to AIDA 64, the "CPU temperature" strongly rises up , for ~40C. Not motherboard, as reported ealier, but "somewhere" in CPU. Depending on initial temperatures, it can exceed Tjunction. For example: with idle temps 45-50C and fan speed 2000-2600 RPM, when set Fan speed as 75% Fan speed (=4800-4900 RPM) CPU temp rises up to 86-89C, while CPU core temps stay the same 45-50C. Here are values.
If under load, for example, while gaming, with ~75C core and "CPU" temps and 4200-4800 RPM fan speed, when toggling either 75% or even 97% Fan speed (both give 4800-4900 RPM, so fan speed does not go lower) "CPU" temperature rises to 96C while core temps do not, they stay same 75-77C. But core frequencies go 799 Mhz (however, HWInfo64 shows NO thermal throttling), and core VID lowers from 0,9V to 0,6V. According to both AIDA and HWInfo, PCH diode temps are 40-42C, and CPU package (HWInfo) temps is the same as core temps (~75-77C, sometimes a bit (1-2C) higher). If soon enough not toggling auto fan speed back (only auto, not max), laptop shuts down after several minutes because that "CPU temperature" go above 96C and reaches 100C.

This is quite surprising:how can CPU temperature differ so much from core, package and PCH temps (PCH temps in fact show motherboard temp, if so, motherboard is not beeing overheated)? Processor is dominantly its cores, doesn't it? Also even Inside processor only, how can in theory temps differ so much (75 for cores while 89 somewhere else)? I'm really not such a professional, but i have apprehension that this is more like sensor glitch than real overheating. Voltage go low, freq go 799, but no throttling detected and cores with PCH stay well, it's strange. But I can't say clear, is it glitch in retriving information from sensor (and because of this paltop laptop "thinks" that CPU goes overheating and lower voltages, causing minimal frequencies) or during manual intervention in fan speed something really happens with processor' powers and this causes sensor glitch. I think, I'll try to contact tech support one more time.

2) Mostly like you said. On defaults, in Dark Souls III CPU cores very soon go 80-85-80-85C respectevely, somethimes hitting 87-88C. With 99% max processor state average temps are droped to 75-77-76-78, on hards parts of the game going average 77-78 and randomly hitting 81-83. See, for example (temps for 56 min):
With maxed Fan Boost they stay 71-73 even in hardest parts. And it ia game-depended: in Resident evil 7: beginning hour CPU temps stay ~65C.
If I max Fan Bosst with 100% processor state, temps stay the same (80-85-80-85), but throttling is reduced.
Ambient temps are 35 only shortly after power on. Mostly they are 45C (for example, now, when I'm typing this).

P.S.: Also what is your version of Gaming Center, 2.0.2. or 2.0.3.?

Hi Lord Obsidian,

Well the analysis laid down by you really shows some unique problem here..yes, ideally the CPU and its core temperature shouldn't differ that much in terms of temperature..dont know what could be causing this but perhaps an Asus technician expert should be able to answer this whether its a hardware issue related to sensors or fan vents or if its more likely a software issue..please do post a reply here when you hear back from Asus on this..

With regards to CPU/GPU temperatures while gaming, i think under heavy load its normal for this laptop to reach 81-83-85 degrees as pointed out by you also during your gameplay in dark souls 3..would have been happy if they could have restricted temperatures to early 70s..however i have disable turbo boost for gaining some relief..

Also i am using ROG gaming center v2.0.3..tried both 2.0.2 as well as 2.0.3, but hardly noticed any difference/improvements in the two..


Level 7
@ Chainmaster..Bang on..your observations were correct..the motherboard temperature rises to 95 degrees or so when manual fan boost is the problem is with motherboard heating up which leads the laptop to shut down..yes i think avoiding ROG gaming center is the best solution at the moment..

Also, have you been able to get hands on any other software for setting up fan speed..i tried fanspeed, MSI afterburner but it doesn't work on my laptop (probably due to locked BIOS or something)


Level 12
Thank you all for providing back information on this issue, I have already escalated this issue to our notebook team and they are looking into this.

Bahz wrote:
Thank you all for providing back information on this issue, I have already escalated this issue to our notebook team and they are looking into this.

Hi Bahz,

Thanks for taking up this issue with the notebook team..please let us know when you hear back from them on this..thanks


Level 12
This may not be related to this issue but can you all share whether or not you updated the memory on your laptop? If you have, please list all the memory kit/stick part number currently used in the laptop.

Hi Bahz!
You mean if one got additional RAM? If so, I have not.
I have manufacturers' default single-channel 8gb plate from SK Hynix, HMA81GS6AFR8N-UH.

Thanks Bahz

After few weeks of testing i came with this. I play only World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 on my laptop, games are full ultra, as my GForce Experience set up the games. I left my fan on Auto and bought this fan it help a bit, but it does not do wonders about temperature. As in a previous post i told you guys that my temps are like this, 80-90 CPU temp in game with Discord and WoW or D3 on, and GPU 70-75 (with fan on auto), i did not turned my fan at 100% from Gaming Center because it work well for me with fan on auto. For CPU and GPU temps can be lowered if you manual set up your fan but the motherboard temp goes up and shut down the laptop.

A solution is to let your fan on auto and to improve a bit your air flow of the cooling system buy a Laptop cooler and just use it.

And i am studying Mechanical Engineering - Thermal Equipment and Systems and i think the real problem is with fan control and sensors that read the temp of our components. To be more specific when you boost your fan(CPU fan) with Gaming Center, i think the system focus so much on CPU and it forget about other components. I will repeat, in my case anytime when laptop shuts down is when my Motherboard temp reach 100C. My CPU and GPU never got there, acording to logs.
Hope Asus will fix this soon, and i hope i can help you with those information.

PS: I have stock components, never did an hardware upgrade to this laptop.