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GL553VD - ways of controling fan throttle

Level 8
Greetings my asus friends.
i'm hereby to ask help and ways of better controlling the fan on my GL553VD. i5 - 7300 HQ. bios 305, gtx 1050 with driver

i knew b4 hand that this laptop isn't the brightest lamp of the house when it touch to cooling and throttle. but that's a feature, not a defect.

i think the fan and the cpu throttle too much for the load and temperature.

still sometimes the laptop fan throttle.
As sometimes i'm studying on the library or doing some autocad/ rendering 3D on class.
i need a completely silent laptop so i don't upset my co-workers,
even if temperature is a bit higher and i decrease lifespan of my laptop, i'll still buy another asus and happy

so please. can someone help and discuss about my measures.

i need a way of manually controlling fan from 0-5200 rpm as my wish. if it's possible ofc

best regards and happy new year

so this is what i got so far in order to decrease throttle at an exchange of a bit of performance:

1- maximum CPU clock:
2- passive cooling
3- gaming center fan boost to 1%
i guess 1% =/= from auto but not sure
4- undervolt CPU & cache & intel GPU
using intel XTU extreme tunig utility (not the asus + intel one)
5- under clock nvidia GPU
only if the game i m playing is old or non demanding, but there is still a throttle (temperature on 44ºC constant)