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GL553VD opptical drive replacement with extra cooling fan

Level 9
Hi everyone! Especially, if it possible, I would be grateful to receive feedback from ASUS engineers.
I'm owner of gaming notebook Asus ROG Strix GL553VD (core i5-7300HQ, gtx 1050). I'm pretty satisfied with this machine, but evidently there is one cons - thermal design when both CPU and GPU are active. CPU then go to average 80-85C, GPU - 77C. Although this can be fixed with disabling Turbo Boost or undervolting, GL553 competitors can offer a bit more effective cooling performance, for about 10 C, out of box.
Meanwhile, GL553 has optical drive. And I have obtained, that there are optical drive form-factor replaceable vents:
This seems very intriguing, as GPU (and CPU too, in general) in GL553 are located just aside from optical drive. This means that, in theory, incoming from optical drive position airflow will proceed straight on GPU/CPU and will reach notebooks own vent.
But will bare airflow be enough to somehow cool GPU chip or such a module is mainly for reducing chassis temps? Also, I am worried, if it can interrupt cooling system own airflow and make things worse. And more, it will need power. I think that this module will rely on power used to spin optical disks, but wont it somehow take extra and disrupt notebooks own power design?
So, if anyone can tell me:
1. Can such additional fan module improve airflow to the fan or even reduce temps? Do i need suction module or blow module?
2. Will this module interrupt gl533vd's own cooling system airflow?
3. Will this module disterrupt gl533vd's own power design?
4. Will I lose my warranty after installing this module? I suggest, I will.
5. And why are intake holes in Strix laptops placed not right beneath the fan? Placing holes aside must lead to worse air intake, won't it?

In theory, it is even possible to construct extra radiator.

I post very similar post in ROG dream machine thread and even received some answer, but it was very common - that such a thing can disrupt default airflow. Is there possibility for more detailed answer?

P.S.: I suggest, next phase of my disorder would be ideas about installing water cooling system in laptop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Level 7
This is very intriguing, maybe something to explore once my warranty is up :cool:

love that concept!. hmmm

i think it ll only work if the air flow goes in (push to inside laptop).
cuz that fan on gl553vd takes the air from bottom, so it pulls from center and push out to left.

best regards