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GL553VD Fan speed at max always

Level 7
Hello ,

I have an issue with my laptop where the fan is always at max speed . If I set the fan to auto , it reaches 0 RPM and when the laptop gets too hot it goes back to max RPM and stays there. Usually the fan is at round 2400 RPM at idle but now it sounds like a jet engine about to take off. Its really annoying to have a loud fan while doing light tasks like browsing and watching movies. Has anyone found a solution to this?

I have tried
- Cleaning the fan and replugging the fan connector.
- Unplugging battery and draining static.
- Reinstalling windows
- Reset BIOS to default
- Reinstalled ROG gaming center

I have had this issue for about a year . It randomly fixes itself when I power it on and goes crazy after a few weeks.

Level 7
It's probably an hardware issue with the Temperature Sensor, not much you can do about it.

Try and manage it yourself when it doesn't seem to be working, I'd suggest you to replace it but it really doesn't look like something easy to do.