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GL553VD-DS71 HDD Detection Issues During Windows Installation

Level 7
After verifying UEFI boot settings as well as Legacy settings to get the hard drive to appear for a new installation of Windows. I have been told that this laptop needs to either be sent in or returned for a replacement to the store or a refund. I actually have 3 of them here, all of which were purchased this past Saturday. I don't want to open the other two after the experience with this one.

The hard drive boots the preinstalled Windows 10 perfectly fine. The hard drive also shows up in the BIOS. However, when trying to install any edition of Windows, the hard drive does not show up at all during the installation, whether in UEFI or under CMS. I have tried using multiple drivers downloaded from the Asus product page as well as Intel, none of which get the hard drive to appear during installation of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (disc), Windows 8.1 Pro x64 (disc and USB stick), and Windows 10 Pro x64. The hard drive also does not show up through the diskpart command, list disk. I am kind of tempted to go pick up another hard drive to try in it but that would also be a waste of time if the issue is something to do with the BIOS being so restrictive compared to competitors models, such as the one from MSI. If it is the hard drive, then I doubt Asus would just replace it without having to send in the whole entire thing, which seems like a massive waste of time.

Has anyone else had this issue and found a way to resolve it? If not, all 3 are being returned and I will buy something else from another manufacture.