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GL553VD-DM203T m.2 ssd advice

Level 7

In 2017 I bought my gl553vd laptop and I’m still pretty satisfied with it. I*mostly play older games so don’t really have problems gaming with an older laptop. It runs the games I play without much trouble but sometimes starting it up and doing other things outside of gaming can be slow at times*and I’m wondering if adding an ssd could help my laptop run a bit faster ( from what I read it does). I know there is a slot for the m.2 ssd but I don’t really know which ssd will work and which won’t. I have read good things about the Samsung 970 evo (plus) m.2 ssd cbut would that be good on this laptop or are there other card out there that are better for this laptop? And are there things I should look at if I buy*
an ssd like memory or size? I hope hope someone could help me with my questions and my apologies for my English.

Greetings and thanks

Level 8

First of all, you should watch what kind of protocol support your m.2 port, like NVME or SATA. Probably it will be NVME, so then, look for some NVME with read and write data transfer speed between 2400 and 3000 mb/s, and it will be perfect and enough for every game and software.

For compare differents m.2 ssd, you should look at data transfer rate, capacity (this depends on what you need) and, TBW (TeraBytes Written) cause this represent the endurability (more less) of the device.

I hoe I'll help you a little bit.


Thank you for the advice in the end I chose for the WD Black SN750 1TB and It works perfectly in my laptop. The laptop has improved a lot with speed I’m very satisfied.