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GL553VD and SSD Samsung 970 EVO Compatibility

Level 7
After Windows 10 Update I got the "Bad System Config Info" Error.
I have tried all the recommended fixes but none worked for my GL553 VD laptop.
Need to format my drive and lost everything.
I am now thinking to upgrade my laptop with a new ssd Samsung 970 EVO drive just for my O.S.
Is this ssd drive compatible with my GL553VD laptop?

Level 7
I would really appreciate any help.

ASUS' service is waiting for my decision so as to proceed with the upgrade.

I would like to know the answer too. I found in the asus’ web that the maximum storage size is 512gb for a SSD sata3 and 512gb for a SSD M.2. So I want t know if it could recognise a SSD above of that. For example a SSD sata3 of 960gb or 1T.

I joined to the question.


Indeed the specifications on the ASUS product page mention only up to 512GB of SSD, either mSATA or M.2. Personally I am interested in the M.2 model and looking to buy either 512GB or 1T.

Is it the case that only up to 512GB is supported?

Level 7

Level 7
Same problem here. I understand that the page that details the specifications of each laptop model, refers to the specifications that bring the different configurations that Asus has designed for that model, but does not say, in anywhere, that allows, or not, up to certain storage capacity, or other, when upgrading.

I also understand that Asus does not want to commit claiming that these models can support, for example, a SATA3 M.2 of 1T, without having tested it before, what I can not understand is that, today, Asus has not yet done those tests and their customers have to be waiting like idiots, or worse, betting our money to that our laptop, which costs more than 1000€, will recognize the SSD that we need to bought.

I need to install a Sata3 M.2 500GB SSD in a GL753VD ... can I? who knows.
Excuse my low level of English.

I know this thread is old but I didn't see anyone else answer so I will. I just upgraded to the Samsung 970 EVO PRO 1T, installed a fresh copy of Win 10 and it's working perfectly! Bios installed is 308. Hope this helps! I ignored both Asus's warnings, I have both a 1Tb M2 chip and 1Tb SSD hard drive! Great machine!