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GL553 series factory software differences? eSupport folders same ?

Level 7
Hoping to start a thread to better inform ROG owners of differences between models.
Can anyone explain in detail the following?
What differences are there between Laptops in the factory installed ASUS software between the ROG-GL553VD, ROG-GL553VE, ROG-GL553VW?
Aside from the hardware differences that are well documented....... there is no mention anywhere of what software and or versions are installed in either.
Another question is are any of the eSupport folders interchangeable between these?
Your comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated!:cool:

I am more concerned with the Gaming software applications. I understand that drivers and bios would be different pertaining to different graphics, CPU ,GPU, Chipset etc.. are these fitted with same gaming central? and or Media software?
Thank You for your reply and info much appreciated'