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GL552VW winflash doesn't update bios, can't reflash

Level 7
Hey guys, I got this problem since autumn that winflash under windows 10 doesn't update the bios version, no matter if I use the /nodate parameter from command line, opened as system administrator. I want to do a reflashing because my laptop keeps restarting instead of waking up when the AC power is cut while it sleeps. The battery is fully charged all the time, so it just can't lose power. And of course easy flash in the bios doesn't want to do a reflash with the current version 300, nor downgrade to the previous and reupgrade. Any way to reset the bios version manually, so I can update it again, without opening up the whole laptop? (Just the part which covers the HDD and ODD area?)

Level 7
Anyone got any clue?

Anyone would please help with this issue? Asus support doesn't seem to be on top of this issue...