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GL552VW - two annoying issues

Level 7
Hi guys,

I'm having two issues. Maybe you know a solution for that?

1. Headphones
Reproduction scenario:
a) plug in headphones (everything works)
b) hibernate your laptop (works)
c) unplug headphones
d) wake laptop up
e) no sound!!!
Sound gets back only when I plug/unplug headphones or restart windows. :mad:

2. Sleep to hibernation transition (S3 > S4)
I've set my laptop to sleep after 10 minutes and hibernate after 30.
When it's on AC everything works fine - sleeps after 10 minutes, then wakes after another 20 to hibernate. :cool:
When it's on battery laptop goes to sleep after 10 minutes, wakes after 20 minutes, goes to sleep, wakes up... and so on till battery dies. :mad:

Thanks in advice

The first issue is that the hardware only sends a connection state change when it is powered and apparently jack detection is not polled periodically. I think the only way to fix that permanently would be a driver update. Check your machine's support page to see if there are any driver updates available.

I don't know if such a change will ever be made so I'd probably change my habits to unplugging before I hibernate or leaving the headphones plugged in until it wakes up.
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I literally have THE SAME issues.... Its driving me NUTS

Audio issue is fixed in (at least it works for me)
ASUS please update link for GL552VW because V8.66.30.60 is crippled.

Sleep issue - I'm still investigating
Looks like I'm not the only one with it - ASUS please fix it also!

Thanks for the driver link. I am updating as we speak, will give feedback if it helps.
Battery issue is a real pain. I use the pc for work and it drains like crazy in my bag. I have even caught it turn on while closed...

I'm not 100% sure that I've found a solution but it looks promising.
Update wifi and bt drivers to 19.50 (offical intel drivers).

You might also want to add this to registry


This key prevents asus gestures from setting minimum cpu to 100% (default is 5%) - great idea ASUS devs!!!
It will let the cpu enter some power saving states and last longer on battery.

nope... sleep>hibernation on battery still broken