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GL552vw - TN Panel Replacement ?

Level 7
I'd appreciate some opinions , on something I can't make my mind on
last year I purchased a refurbished Asus ROG GL552vw - mainly for programming and the occasional gaming with m960 - if I have time, maybe play a little hitman or kerbal space program.

I loved the machine, I upgraded the 128 SSD to 500 GB samsung SSD , it's been really fast
however I suspected that it had been shipped with a TN panel - which in the reviews was pretty horrible - but it didn't bother me much

Recently, I've joined another company, and I've been given a macbook pro to work on, but I still use the GL552vw to work on my other projects at home
now the screen difference is just too great, whenever I jump from the macbook to Asus GL552vw, it looks really bad - to the point It's getting very distracting, because I switch back and forth and I've come to realise screen on it is just horrible

considering my options , I don't want to buy another machine so soon

so I'm looking at screen replacements - I know that some models on GL552vw shipped with IPS Matte display (as can be found in various specs and reviews)

I'm wondering if someone has any insights into buying a screen e.g. :

I've looked at some for sale, but the manufacturer is never really mentioned -I'm considering getting the screen replacement, as I love the machine - it's much faster in compiling and runs much more silent than the macbook pro - the screen is becoming a huge let down

suggestions if any panel (15.6" FHD, SLIM -30 pin with the correct connector position) will work with this ?
or if anyone knows any good screen model number ? (prefer IPS glossy) I know Chen Mei makes good ones but I can't find anyone listing the manufacturer for the screens