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gl552vw-dh71 - Display scaling question

Level 7
So I'm enjoying my laptop with the nvidia gtx 960m at 1920x1080. I swapped the setting in the nvida control panel to use the nvidia card with Chrome to avoid weird screen blackouts I was getting. While I'm in the browser, everything looks great, but in most other apps (even those that are set to use the nvidia card) including the desktop itself everything seems scaled slightly too large for my tastes. This isn't the case in games which control the resolution and scaling within themselves.

The scaling within the windows display settings is set to 125% which is says is recommended. When I adjust that setting to 100% everything then looks great except for my browser windows which then become too small to read comfortably.

Is there a way to fix this so that I get to scale back everything but my browser windows? Or perhaps scale everything back, then scale up my browser?