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GL552vw-d71 keystroke lag in games-hearthstone, heroes of storm, WOW.HELP!

Level 7
I just purchased an GL552vw-d71 and love it but having an issue in games such as hearthstone, heroes of the storm and WOW.
I am having keystroke lag and pausing in clicking my mouse. It only happens in games no where else. I had an HP envy M6 and
While not nearly as good as this computer it had never had this issue. It seems to record about %80 of the commands in the game but then
Doesn't respond to the rest. Any ideas would be welcomed, I have already installed the new BIOS and updated the drivers from the Asus website.
Also when I downloaded the Intel chipset drivers from the Gl552 support page it says that these drivers are not compatible with my computer.