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GL552JX maximum ram clock?

Level 7
few days back, I was tried using DDR3L-1866 in my laptop which work, but in the spec it clearly saying only support up to DDR3L-1600. and after opening the bios using amibcp found XMP profile which the upper limit ram clock is DDR3-2666MHz.
So the Question is:
1. will my laptop run up to 2666MHz clock if I insert one? is it safe to assume my highest ram supported is 2666MHz?
2. I indeed was using DDR3L-1866 micron chip (with apple logo) but it dead after 9 days ( got second hand one, for testing 😛 ) but it says max clock was 1333 but run in 1866, so i don't know is it the cause the ram dies or any other factor, can someone give a clue? (sorry can't get a picture because it's already dead)
3. will using a higher clock one safe ? assuming it runs in my laptop which officially only support up to DDR3-1600?

Thanks Before

Level 7
Hi! Have you got any Answer? i have a same problem.