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GL552JX-DM144D FPS Issues

Level 7
Hi everyone . I recently bought this mode of ASUS ROG .
Specs are i7-4720hq 2.6ghz boost up to 3.6ghz
8GB Ram
4GB Nvidia gtx950
Windows 8.1
Whenever I play DOTA 2 with settings reduced. I seems to be getting only 80-90 ish fps. CS GO is also the same with high settings (shader and shadow set to medium). League is also around the same with low/med/high settings. Tried to play around with the nvidia control panel. Setting my power to high performance yet no difference is seen . Pls help me . Is this normal or is something wrong with my laptop.

Level 7
I experienced same thing with my G771jw ..FPS drops , Cpu got overheated very fast . I tried everything possible but i couldn't make it work so i sent my notebook twice at Asus Service. First time they didn't do anything and now , the second time I am still waiting for 3 weeks for an answer..I spent 1350 euros on a defective notebook.Poor quality of their service.