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GL552 sound driver problem, hissing sound/electric buzz

Level 7
Hy. I'm new to the forum and the hole rog experience.
Just bought a GL552Jx that runs smooth except for the sound. After instaling the Conexant Audio driver, from asus support site, also available on delivered Cd, the laptop's speakers make a hissing sound/electric buzz.
I've read the posts describing something similar with Asus G751. Anyone could tell if the solution provided for G751 users works for mine?
I have a bitter taste after this whole weekend when i intended to give it back. Thanks to this forum i've realised that it is a driver problem.
Any thoughts?

Level 7
Hi, I am new to this forum too and encountered the same problem as yours. I just bought this laptop last week. Everything is fine except the audio. The sound quality is so bad that it can't even beat my 5 years old A52JC laptop. This laptop is preinstalled with an audio wizard (by IcePower). Hissing sound is heard when the War Room option is chose. Anyone has any solution?

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Level 7

Level 7
I created my account to report and follow-up on this issue.
I just bought my ASUS ROG GL522JX and everything is absolutely wonderful, except the sound. It sounds like it's coming from the bottom of a barrel, very buzzy like its gain would be +20db, and in the same time very low volume.

Stuff I've tried so far in the last week struggling with this thing.
- Compared to my old 4 y'o ASUS K52J laptop, and the old brick makes a wonderful sound, crystal clear and loud balanced sound.
- If played with the L/R balance volumes, the left speaker sounds low, no bass and relatively high pitched, while the right one is also low volume, but high bass and high pitched...
- Disabling Enhancements in device properties
- Tried ICESound, slight improvement but sound still terrible. Volume even lower on most setups.
- Tried SmartAudio, slight improvement but sound still terrible.
- Tried SRS AudioSandbox, slight improvement but sound still terrible
- Tried ViPER4Windows, slight improvement but sound still terrible. Volume even lower on most setups.
- Tried Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, each of them with what I mentioned above and:
- The last Conexant drivers found on ASUS Support and on producer page - V8.66.3.0

- 5 drivers back, tried each of them on each Windows version

And a lot other things hinted on other forums which made no difference so far.

I would appreciate any kind of guidance with this sound issue. If necessary I can provide a sample and comparison.
I'd really like to keep this laptop.


Level 7
Barbarossa, be sure that you have the latest drivers. The imbalanced sound was resolved for G751 users with a driver update. Beyond that, I'm afraid that I really don't know what to suggest.

For the OP, that definitely is the same issue that we're experiencing on the G751. It's some kind of driver problem, although it has been suggested that it may be an audio controller malfunction. Uninstalling the driver resolves the issue though, so I doubt this. Unfortunately all we can do right now is keep talking about it and hope that whoever is working on the driver will take notice. There also are some work-arounds that you can try which basically consist of keeping the sound 'on' in one way or another, the most simple of which being to open a video file, pause, minimize and go about your day.

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Thanks for your reply, but I'm on the last drivers and still haven't found a solution for this.

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Same here 😞

Zephyr221 wrote:
Same here 😞

Did you actually try all of the g751 fixes in the thread or just resurrect this out of fun?
3d printed parts and accessories for the G751. You know you want something better than OEM ->[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

i too face sound problem .
any one with some tested ideas.....