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GL551JW FPS Issue

Level 7

I'm a new member, so I'm sorry if I'm violating any rules on the Forum. It's nice to be here 🙂

I hope someone can help me. I have my Rog Gl551JW for almost one month, I guess, but I'm having really disturbing FPS issues. Games such as Watch Dogs start running at 1080p all low with 70fps, and goes dropping until it reaches 30fps. After one Alt+Tab, or changing the power plan between "Balanced" and "High performance", the FPS goes up again, and then start going down again, until it reaches 30FPS. I've reseted my OS (Windows 10 Home, Original, updated), downgraded driver version, uninstalled and installed again the driver version, but nothing seems to work. I don't want to believe that my GPU is going to the bag 😞

Anyone have suffered from this?

Level 7
i have GL752VW laptop and fps on bf3 goes from 55-65 fps down to about 30 and im not sure but as i read on some threads the problem is the temperature is throttling because asus have set low temp threshold in bios i think u should contact asus support also if u dont mind an update on this thread too and let us know what they said