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GL504GW poor wifi signal

Level 7
I'm getting lower wifi signal at my device than my HP Omen when i put both side by side and connect it to the same net. That makes me wonder why this one, that supposed to has multi antenna, ends up with a weaker signal reception than the other one.

Is there any way to improve it by software or configurations?

Level 9
Hello mattpunx90,
May I have the version of your BIOS, Wifi driver and Asus MultiAntenna Service ?
Also, please refer to below FAQ to make sure the settings are correct.
Thank you.

Thanx for reply

BIOS version 305
WIFI driver: Intel (R) Wireless-AC 9560 160Mhz version
Asus Multiantenna Service installed (i checked and it's stopped. It doesn't start as it stops as soon as you start it)