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GL504GW K5-Pro Thermal Paste

Level 8
I went ahead and bought K5-Pro for my laptop.
it comes with a stick to apply so i went and took a syringe and filled it up . (is a lot easier that way)


so far so good still testing

good temps so far

Level 9
hey guys, thx 4 the information
i'm from brazil, and u guys know here's like hell, so hot, those laptops are not designed for this climate...
i've been strugglin with high temps (95-97ºC on cpu) and thermal throttling since ive bought my gl502vmk...
ive tried those grizzly, AS5 and mx4... and i always noticed when repasting that my gpu/cpu die wanst sufficient. i also undervolt my cpu and use cooling fan base...
read this topic today and already bought my k5-pro and maybe u guys solved my laptop thermal problem...
when i get everything done, cleanin on fans, repasting cpu/gpu die with mx4 and gpu vram with k5pro, i'll come back here and tell how it was

Level 12
It seems every pipe is slightly different (even half millimeter can make a difference! And the 8 screws system by ASUS is not reliable...). This explains why some have solved with thick pads (big gaps). Others with thin pads (small gaps)... some others with K5 Pro only (very small gaps)... You can also try with paste everywhere (use a cheaper one for the surrounding chips), not only on the dies as it's been reported to work fine as well by some users!
K5 Pro dries quickly in 3-5 months and leaves small holes like Swiss cheese! I do not recommend it as I've used it.

Best choice from my experience is 0.5mm pads for VRAM etc (4-6W/mK max, you don't need higher as it can be worse) + 1mm in some cases on silver squared VRM Inductors and MOSFETS, over the CPU area... and thin dot(s) of Gelid GC Extreme on CPU/GPU.
ASUS SCAR18 G834JY, i9-13980HX, 4090 16GB, 32GB 5600MHz RAM, 18" 16:10 2560x1600 240Hz G-Sync laptop screen, external UWQHD 3440x1440 Mi Monitor with Freesync, NVMe, 8BitDo Arcade Stick, EasySMX X10 controller, ROG Strix Carry mouse

Hi there. i found this...

they explain how to use and the results 🙂

Level 7

Took them 4 years but looks like they followed your example and they are now offering K5 PRO in syringe too!