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GL504GW BIOS 305 unstable software (308 could fix?)

Level 8
I remained to this bios version due to undervolting enabled, but my system were never stable under this version (only 1 driver version works for wi fi and audio, my battery stops charging if i unplug the charger 2 times in a row, etc).

There's v308 already available, but i want to keep undervolting since it's the only way to avoid my laptop to run terrible hot and throttle.

Does anyone know if UV was re-enabled in that version for this model? And how does it works in general?

i've got a massive headache with this laptop since the last 2 years so i'll appreciate some feedback

I mentioned this in the suggestion thread but UV was disabled on most Intel products due to the Plundervolt vulnerability so it won't be reenabled. If it's important to you you'll have to stay on an older BIOS but be aware that you have a theoretical vulnerability (though I don't think there are any widespread exploits).
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