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GL504GW Audio Out of Sync

Level 7
Another software issue on this device. Now Realtek audio driver version (the only one provided by Asus at it's website and the only one that works) it's causing audio to go out of sync on every video playback after a few minutes.

Already reinstalled the driver and it ends up doing the same thing each and every time and other drivers cause total lose of audio, or headphones jack stop working at all.

update to this issue:

i've installed a new driver like a month ago, it's Realtek 6.0.9049.1. The problem is still there. Only improvement was it takes longer now to get out of sync, but still happens around 20 mins or so.

Still can't believe a product of this brand and this price has this kind of unsolved issues

here's the link again set in public. It happens with both, but i notice it mostly using the speakers as are the ones i tend to use more often

Level 9
Hi Matt,
Sorry I didn't catch up this thread right away.
I was not able to open the google file. May you change the access to "anyone who know the link can view"?
Also, this issue happens with any audio output, right?Built-in speaker, plug in headset and bluetooth speaker?
Thank you.