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GL504GS fans acting weird

Level 7
So I have a Scar II and recently I noticed that the fans do not spin enough on overboost. This resulsts in the GPU and CPU both reaching ~90C when playing relatively light games. Here's the weird part - when I set the fans to silent, BOTH the GPU and CPU temps drop by around 10C (!!!!) in around 10 seconds while the fans dont seem to change speed. After a while the temperatures slowly catch up to the 90C from before. Is it possible that Silent reduced GPU and CPU TDP? But it gets weirder. When I set it back to overboost, the fans start properly ramping up, now on normal overboost speed instead of the previous "overboost" speed, but after a few seconds they ramp back down. This is a recent software issue because I know the cooling system is more than capable of keeping both the CPU and GPU cool and because the fans do not spin as fast as they used to. The only time they spin fast is when i switch to overboost from silent, but they ramp back down anyway after a few minutes.

If it matters I have a 90mV undervolt which reduced the CPU TDP by around 10W under load, but I still get crappy temps because the fans dont want to spin.