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GL504GM RGB turns off permanently when I put my laptop to sleep

Level 7
I have a GL504GM Hero 2. I'm having an annoying problem where whenever I close my laptop lid (which puts it to sleep) and open it back up again, the RGB refuses to turn back on until I restart the system. There's a brief flash of the RGB turning on and then it just disappears. Yet if I manually set it to sleep without putting the lid down, the sleep RGB effect is the only thing that still works. The brightness is at max and opening Aura Core does nothing. This has only started to happen recently following me updating to the newest version of Windows.

I've been taking backlit keyboards for granted until recently.

Level 7
I had the same problem and i didn't even realized beacuse i had turned off the RGB. What i did was to unisntall ROG Aura Core (Win10 App) and Aura Service from control panel. Then you should go to eSupport folder (for me, it was located in my ssd), then you can either open ASUS Installation Wizard and install Aura Service from there or you can follow this route: eSupport\eDriver\Software\Win32App\ASUS and you'll fSind the Aura Lightning Service folder, you can install Aura Service directly from there. After installign Aura Service, install ROG Aura Core again from Win10 Store and the rgb should be working fine again. Hope this help you.

Level 7
Thanks for the suggestion. It seems to have fixed the issue but now I have an even bigger problem. Trying to reinstall ROG Aura Core in the Microsoft Store keeps giving me an error during the installation process. It's the only app that's doing this and I've tried several things like rebooting device, resetting the store, troubleshooting the app.

I think Asus Installation Wizard is also able to install ROG Aura Core, just that it's an older version. Give it a try, maybe if it's able to install it, you can update it from the win10 store