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Gl504GM - Loud Fans and Fluctuating Sound Output

Level 8
Just bought my GL504GM last November and other than the problem I see here of the right speaker frequently dropping in volume (without any adjustment on my part) I've been enjoying gaming on it.

Unfortunately recently I've noticed that the CPU Fans (the left side) has been acting really weird after the BIOS 307 update. I've been regularly updating using the MyASUS app and windows update but recently the fan has started to bother me and sounds like there's a plane that's ready to take off.

Fan Control thru Gaming Center does nothing even when I set it on silent.

I've noticed that there are several posts in the GL products forum about these issues. Has ASUS identified the problem already and are there solutions that may address this in the future (via driver update or otherwise)? This is my first personal Windows laptop in 8 years and in a few months these 2 problems, with the loud fan in 6000-7600rpm at idle being the biggest issue.

Thanks in advance!

Thread moved to GL section. Please do not post in Service Inquiries unless you have an existing RMA. Thank you.
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Im having this exact same problem since 307 update. I've tried to roll back to 304 but even with 304 version the problem persists.