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GL504GM left fan rattle at low RPM

Level 7
It seems that's a wide consensus that GL504GM fans are 'always on'

My case is a bit different and specifically to the left fan which appears to do a little rattle at Low RPM or when idle *(a bit like what i describe as an Helicopter sound).
Curiously, forcing the fan to the High RPM the rattle disappears, i can easily listen it slowly disappear as i'm increasing from low RPM to High.

Anyone having the same issue ?*

Level 7
After a few months one of the fans starting making a very annoying rattling sound at low RPM. That is the speed the fans are often at when reading Emails or browsing the Web. If I do anything that requires more horsepower the fans speed up and the rattling noise goes away. It is so annoying that I have written a short Python program that I can start to consume a small about of CPU time (about 6%) just to speed up the CPU fans so I can hear myself think when using my laptop for low power activities. I have contacted support but not really received any useful info.