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GL504GM built-in speaker volume fluctuating loud/soft

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Hey everybody.

This laptop is a little over a month old, and I think the problem has existed since I had it. Basically when listening to audio, movies, youtube, etc, the volume will suddenly drop very low only to randomly spike again for a short burst before dropping back down, as if it's being equalized in the absolute worst, random possible way.

Here's what I've tried so far:

-Uninstalling Realtek driver and updating to the newest version
-Uninstalling Realtek driver and updating to previous versions (04/18 and 08/18)
-Sound>Communications>adjusting for sound calls to "Do Nothing"
-For the hell of it, attempted to change the sample rate and bit depth
-Also for the hell of it, did not allow applications to take control of this device
-Again, for the hell of it, disabling the NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (I'm not even 100 percent sure what it does, something for HDMI?)

So far, not so good. The problem does not occur when I use headphones, leading me to believe it is only a realtek problem.
There are no enhancements in the playback device properties, so nothing that would be equalizing it there.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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oOOh! sorry, i used IZArc to unarchive it, i think 7-zip could do the same too?

desuzarasu wrote:
oOOh! sorry, i used IZArc to unarchive it, i think 7-zip could do the same too?

Yes, 7-zip worked, but it did not fix my issue. Maybe mine is a hardware issue...

is there any update to fix this issue?

Was able to fix the problem by updating my Realtek driver using the following software:

After the update my driver becomes version 8619. You can just use the free version of the software to download the driver.


windows reset and update to 8619 driver didn't solve this issue


I am facing this Audio fluctuation issue post bios update to 307 but prior to that on bios 304 the issue was like there was no sound from right speaker. I tried updating the Realtek audio driver but the issue seems has no solution. Please help, is it hardware or Windows 10 issue??

In my GL504GM sound is f*** terrible!
Sound fade in/out all the time.
I was trying many many solutions and month ago i just make it done by reinstalling sound driver and removing nvidia most of the software.
Right now i didn't remember whats realtek driver was "the one"
But week ago after reinstalling nvidia drivers problem came back!

Level 7

vaqar001 wrote:
Well i somehow fixed it but not sure how :rolleyes:

filcon87 wrote:
Hi everyone.

Some news about my issue. I tried to use DriverMax to be able to update the soundcard driver and finally got the last update of it.

After a few days it seems to be solved. I suggest to give it a try usign any automatical driver updater software.

Guys please send some printscreens from your device manager with driver version and date numbers.
It will be very very helpfull

I've installed 20.05.2016 realtek(R) Audio
and what i did is just playing with audio speakers balance.

I put left to max, right to zero
and check right to max, and left to zero.

It's maybe looking strange but so far it's working - no fading 🙂 Maybe they need some kind of calibration 😄

Right now i came back to driver 25.12.2018 / and it still working, but sound is too loud and quite distorted