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GL504 GS overheating and sleeping/shutting down on windows store games?

Level 7

Recently I have tried playing Gears 5 on my laptop but the game has been shutting down/sleeping within 10 minutes of uptime. This also occurs with other games from the windows store like Forza 4 and Crackdown 3, but hasn't occured with games from Steam, although they are less intensive.

I believe the problem is coming from my laptop being overheated and was hoping someone could help me pinpoint the problem whether it is software, fans or the need for new thermal paste. I have cleaned and dusted the fans and seem to be rotating fine.

I can provide core temp logs for Skyrim running on steam and Gears 5 running on windows store, I do know that Gears 5 is more intensive on the system, but I still feel that it is getting abnormally hot, considering my fan is on overboost with a cooling fan underneath it as well.

Attached are the numbers I am seeing after I minute of Gears 5 gameplay, the second attachment is literally sitting in the main menu screen.

I plan on buying the Gears 5 off steam and running it to see if I can replicate the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.